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To demonstrate the extent of our expertise, we wanted to share a selection of some of our creations for homes, businesses and stores. It wasn’t easy to limit ourselves, as in our more than 20 years in business we have designed tens of thousands of murals, each one more attractive than the other!


Nomad Design products help you create a unique decor and remodel the spaces in your home, office or boutique with a mural that reflects who you are. See for yourself.

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Whether it is to decorate a restaurant walls, a waiting room or a window shop, we have the expertise to accompany and advise you throughout your creative process and make sure to meet your expectation.


With their professionalism and their knowhow, our graphic designers, printing technicians, consultants and project designers will elevate and support you through your project. Nomad Design has the best team to realize your project.

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Whether decorating a room, office or commercial location, Nomad Design’s wall decorations will create unique atmospheres. Our quality wall sconces are easy to install and are very durable. Browse our site to get inspired by several ideas of decoration using our realizations and our image bank

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